One Hundred for Haiti - Lady Voodoo Tee by Amanda Powell
One Hundred for Haiti

One Hundred for Haiti - Lady Voodoo Tee by Amanda Powell

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Lady Voodoo by Amanda Powell on the front of an Alternative Apparel women's tee with a small One Hundred for Haiti logo on the upper back.

Money from the sales of these items will go to two initiatives: 

At the core of The Rural Water Project is an idea: we can save lives from cholera by providing people with the chance to control their own clean water sources and access to them.  Water doesn't flow from taps in rural Haiti.  It flows from the ground. Cholera, at one point widespread in Haiti, can kill.  But it doesn't have to. With The Rural Water Project, we help Haitians capture water in cement tanks built by local Haitians at the source where it naturally flows. Once the water fills those tanks it can then be treated to kill the cholera. Since the start of the project, deaths from cholera (which had been rampant before) have dropped to ZERO in the region. One Hundred For Haiti plans to keep it that way.

In the last two years, the number of reported child rapes in the south of Haiti has been very high, and One Hundred For Haiti stepped in to fund the GTPE initiative, which is a series of educational sessions, ongoing across rural communities, letting parents, teachers, and locals know what is, and what is not, rape and abuse, and then what can be done to help prevent it. Our partners Little Footprints, Big Steps are in Haiti on the ground helping to facilitate the trainings and we are funding this initiative completely.